Privates Haus in Sozopol   |   Lovely private house "Antigona"

Apartment Nr. II for 5 persons

The apartment is suitable for 5-6 persons. Accommodation is provided for families, groups, single and double occupancy. They consist of bedrooms, living room, bathroom and balcony and are equipped with TV, air conditioner, Refrigerator and WIFI.
After request a kitchen can be used.

From your balcony and one of the rooms, you can overlook the sea. At your disposal is a picturesque yard full of flowers under a big fig tree.

F�r Kontakte

Region: Bourgas
Stadt: Sozopol
Zip: 8130
: Zivka Koseva
Telefon: +359 (0)89 825 00 53
Telefon: +359(0)56 82 10 55

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